Founded by the songwriting-production team of Sam Reck (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Sam Knight (saxophones, vocals), The Goodbye Look record and perform with a revolving cast of UK session musicians. With too many chords to be pop, too many horns to be rock, too many hooks to be jazz and too much heart to be hip, The Goodbye Look inhabit the musical jungle just bubbling beneath the surface of today’s friendly radio hits. Dive in and enjoy some soulful indie-pop. 

It’s a confusing world. Being raised through the haze of bubble-gum pop in the late 90s, both Sam and Sam somehow managed to navigate the sounds on the radio and the remnants of their parents record collections to develop a keen taste in what can only be described as ‘popular songs from the 70s and 80s’. No tape was left un-stretched, no CD left un-scratched. Whilst Sam was bingeing on Steely Dan’s ‘Aja’ and an old tape of James Taylor Live from 1993, the other Sam was starting fires listening to Billy Joel and putting them out with The Carpenters. 

In the midst of writing and recording their first collection of songs, Sam decided it would be a good idea to record some interesting covers. Sam agreed. The band started to amass a small, but loyal fanbase thanks to their inventive takes on songs by Steely Dan, Prince, Chaka Khan, Talking Heads and many more. In its current incarnation the band features James Higginson, Michael Horner, James Maltby, Floyer Sydenham, Tom Walsh and Emily Lynn.

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